12 September 2013

Thank You for your contribution towards the MyMeApparel New York Fashion Week Showcase

Message from Founder & Head Designer
Valeri L. Reaves

OK,...So... I just want to say A BIG HUGEEEEE "Thank you!" to Tarin Boone and Valaira Sa-Ra and all of the entire production team (models, hairstylists, makeup artists, fellow designers, Kia Studio Staff, Sheraton Hotel Staff, Vic's Valet Parking Staff, ...and a special thank you to Vanessa Coleman, Richard Higginbottom, Kay Jackson, Michi Walden McPhee and family, Vera Higginbottom and Terrasea Page ... all of the campaign fundraising sponsors (for your generosity) and Enterprise Car Rental Staff (for trying to make it right)... thank you to those who didn't have anything to give but had the heart to want to and thank you to those who gave emotional support more than money could give during my times of anxiety, ...and especially thank you to my Honey Poo Bear, Ralph Reaves, just my everything....what an AMAZING journey I am still on. but thank you all for your contribution towards the inaugural MyMeApparel showcase in New York Fashion Week! My heart is still beating outside of my chest in excitement. 
I didn't do it... 
... the journey continues...stay tuned....

the MyMeApparel Enterprise - www.mymeapparel.com