12 September 2013

***ALERT*** MyMeApparel Fashion Tour Stop Schedule Modification

***Important Notice***
***MyMeApparel Fashion Tour Stop Schedule Modification***

MyMeApparel has been presented with an opportunity that, after serious consideration, has been determined to be too good to pass up. Accepting and pursing this opportunity will require a huge modification in the MyMeApparel Fashion Tour Stop 2013 Schedule. We apologize ahead of time for inconveniences that this will cause. 

Having said that,  
Los Angeles and Virginia tour stops, scheduled for October, 
will have to be postponed until further notice. 
The October 6th appearance in North Carolina remains unaffected by this opportunity. 

The MyMeApparel Online Boutique and the MyMeApparel Fashion News Blog are undergoing major updates. Shortly, the details of the awesome opportunity presented will be revealed. 

Thank you for your continuous support!

the MyMeApparel Enterprise - www.mymeapparel.com