03 July 2013

Same Brand! Not Re-defined... Just Refined! : the MyMeApparel enterprise

A Message from Founder & Head Designer of 
the MyMeApparel enterprise

WOW! ... This last few weeks have been a doozy! ... Clarity is amazing!

The beauty of being the BOSS is the ability to make executive decisions!  I have just "executively decided" to scratch my Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection and declare a do-over! Why?  Because the June 2013 re-image dictates it. That's why! 

As any designer knows, designing and sketching and constructing is an ongoing process...designing something in your head (sometimes months in advance) may be something completely different when it is completely constructed. I was attempting to hold onto the original vision of my Autumn/Winter 2013, while conforming to modifications made to the MyMeApparel enterprise during the June 2013 re-image...and guess what... it doesn't fit...

So, what does this mean...although, I will be going forward with the Alabama Fashion Tour Stop, I will not be showcasing, selling nor shooting any MyMeApparel garments. I will be going back to the dress forms (affectionately called Shaquida and Shalayka), brand-specific visual designs intact, shears and fabric in hand. Previously completed one-of-a-kind designs will soon be made available  for purchase in a capsule collection at the MyMeApparel Online Boutique, as well as the newly constructed Autumn/Winter 2013 and Spring/Summer 2014. 

 Thank you all for your continuous support! 
The result will surely be worth the wait!

Same Brand! Not Re-defined... Just Refined!
the MyMeApparel enterprise

Stay Tuned!!!
the MyMeApparel Enterprise

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