18 July 2013

In Fashion: Just Shoot Me: Jay Imaging, LLC

 a photography and graphic artistry company

Release Party
June 29, 2013

Pera Dance Studios

Bio of Jay Alexander of Jay Imaging, LLC:

Alexander Quiovers "Jay" born and raise in Atlanta. At a very young age, Jay (also known as Jay Alexander) has developed a wide range of skills in photography and graphic design. The beginning stages of his skills were noticed by a photography studio in Kennesaw, GA where he became one of the top photographers at only 18. Jay then dived into the modeling industry as a model. He acquired much experience that aided him in marketing. He was able to brand himself and develop a brand for a small business he came up with called Eclipse Designs & Photography. He continued to achieve many accomplishments in all these areas. With now 5+ years of experience, he is now branching out and share his knowledge and skills to the world.

Imaging by Jay gives you the full package. Anything from photography, graphics, and company or personal image consulting. Jay's terrific eye for detail and wide range of view points have touched and aided many people in "polishing" the look/image of their businesses and branding their personal look and appearance in the public eye. Jay thrives in helping others market their talents to where they are able to be successful in the competitive industries.

Jay gives FREE consultations to any who seeks it. He is reachable 24/7 by email.

Photo inquiries contact info@jayimaging.com

Jay Alexander with sister (left) and mother (right).

Pera Dance Studios performance gear on display.

The Jay Imaging, LLC release party was held at:

Pera Dance Studios
1015-B Collier Rd
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Today 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Jay Alexander standing next to one of several pieces of his work 
that was on display at the release party.  
A digital slideshow/presentation also exhibited more of his work.

Attendee's photo capture of Jay Imaging, LLC Founder
Jay Alexander 
the MyMeApparel enterprise Founder and Head Designer
Valeri L. Reaves

Business networking, wine and swag bags were the dish of the evening.
Special Guest "Eternal" "Eternal", (a recording artist, dancer, model, and actor) provided entertainment, along with a trio of children that sang like grown folk! ;-)

the MyMeApparel enterprise

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