10 January 2012

Necessories By Raqui Needs Your Help!

***CANCELLATION REVOCATION: As it turns out, the car insurance only covers the car damage and not the contents, including her inventory and design equipment. PLEASE HELP!***

***UPDATE: This campaign has been cancelled as Necessories has just learned that her loss is fully covered by insurance policy!  Thank you all for your support, especially Jacqueline H. Waller of CleanFreeFun who suggested she check into her home insurance!!!***

 Undoubtedly the journey to success in the fashion and entertainment industry is a rough road. Sometimes, more stones are thrown in the path than can seemingly be bared only.

Today, I received this message from a fellow designer:
My car was broken onto todey....stole ALLL of NECESSORIES, EVERYTING, ALL NECESSORIES!!!!! I cursed, Cried, cursed more, got quiet.......
Now....Thankin God even if I dont understand "Why".....Thank you God!!!"

"Avatar & Predator Wedding" by Necessories by Raqui"
with Kareem Quow and Brandy Couture Coifs Andrews

Please help her with regaining her footing by contributing $5.00 to her PayPal account: Necessories7@yahoo.com . She is a very talented individual who is serious about her craft.

Please send $5.00 to Necessories7@yahoo.com via PayPal .

***NOTE: MyMeApparel and/or Valeri Reaves does not receive any compensation or monetary gain from Necessories By Raqui or any portions of contributions made towards her cause.*** 

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