10 January 2012

FDU Roundatable and Conference 2012
Judge: Harold Greaves

"I enjoy my work and I make sure that those I work with enjoy the experience."

The HGreaves Photography studio handles model portfolios, portraiture, wedding/event photography, and boudoir photography. The studio also handles many special print projects such as the Bodies Of The Year calendar/poster series and other calendar, catalog ,website, and print projects.

Harold Greaves has over 10 years experience in the industry.  In addition to the company's calendar projects, Harold Greaves has been the Editor-In-Chief of Noir Magazine, Business Manager and Director Of Photography for the Miss Africa USA Pageant, Editor of Top Model Africa Magazine, and Harold'swork has been featured in several local, national, and international publications including books by Dynah Zale, Dr. Chris Leeham, Jet Magazine, Peaches Magazine, Leisure Travel & Tourism, as well as a number of popular websites and stock photography galleries.

HGreaves Photography is currently the Partner to MyMeApparel, Ready to Wear Fashion House and Model Booking Service.

Feel free to contact Harold Greaves at (267) 253-1543 or email him at hg@hgreaves.com for more information about the Bodies Of The Year calendar/poster series, or any other HGreaves Photography projects.
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