31 March 2010

Review of Event Structure and Model Call Posting

As we get closer to the Model Call on April 23, 2010, now is a great time to review the original posting for the model call. The purpose for this review is to recall what models are being asked to "sign-up" for. If you have been contacted with a Model Call appointment time and feel that you are no longer interested after this review, please contact MyMeApparel immediately at mymeapparel@yahoo.com to rescind your submission. There are over 1,000 models who have submitted for these positions, please be sure that you are willing to commit to this project if you accept a Model Call appointment.

Original Model Call Posting:

The event will be on Spetember 23, 2010 and invitation-only, RSVP confirmation admittance only, with photo op, media, fashion and entertainment industry VIPS, The show requires four male models to assist the eight female models onto and off of the pedestal portion of the runways (this is not a traditional T-formation runway). Male models will be stationary and will either be wearing our unisex T-shirts and jeans, or bow-tie and tuxedo pant, or both (at different times of the show of course).

Female model may be paid up to 50+ for the entire event (depending on experience & talent agency affiliation). The male model positions are not paid.

This is a great opportunity to get exposure, network, add to your resume and receive photos for your look-book/portfolio! Who knows, you may even appear in some of the media write-ups!)

~MyMeApparel Head Fashion Designer & Founder, Valeri L. Reaves, write me @ mymeapparel@yahoo.com!