22 March 2010

No More www.mymeapparel.com !

Please be advised that MyMeApparel no longer has the website at www.mymeapparel.com. We have made the executive decision to shut down the www.mymeapparel.com website due to it being designated as an excessive unnessecary expense.

So that was the bad news ... The good news is that those funds can now be diverted to the MyMeApparel Launch & Charity which is fully underway.

Our next approaching important date is April 23, 2010 for the MyMeApparel Model Call.

If you have not received an appointment time and you have submitted photos, do not dismay. Our casting agency encountered some difficulties that may have delayed your receipt of notification. We are working dilegently, as is the casting agency to notify you all in the most expeditious manner possible.

~MyMeApparel Head Fashion Designer & Founder, Valeri L. Reaves, write me @ mymeapparel@yahoo.com!