15 February 2014

MyMeApparel News: The MyMeApparel enterprise pushes its fashion tour back to 2015

The MyMeApparel enterprise pushes its fashion tour back to 2015

(Atlanta, Georgia) – February 15, 2014 – The MyMeApparel Fashion House a division of the MyMeApparel enterprise has announced that the MyMeApparel Fashion Tour 2014, which was scheduled to make stops in thirteen states, will be pushed back to 2015.

For the past three years, representatives of the MyMeApparel enterprise have been traveling the United States, building the MyMeApparel brand.  MyMeApparel is primarily a fashion house, model booking and branding service.  It also offers an online boutique and fashion journalism services (via two columns – fashion and entertainment - with Examiner.com and a fashion blog). MyMeApparel is also an official media correspondent for Belk, Palmers, Bronner Brothers, Fashion Department of Art Institute of Atlanta – Decatur, Easter Seals Fashion Uncorked and more.

During the MyMeApparel Fashion Tour, the organization’s representatives complete a brand training seminar, a model casting call, an ad campaign photo shoot, a media photo call luncheon, a fashion display, pop-up boutique and a community tour.

MyMeApparel Fashion Tours Stop States:
* Alabama * California * Florida * Georgia * Kentucky * Louisiana * Mississippi *
* South Carolina * New York * North Carolina * Tennessee * Texas * Virginia *​​

“After several executive meetings, the MyMeApparel enterprise has elected to push back the mymeapparel fashion tour 2014 to 2015.  This decision comes in light of the need to address several ongoing internal projects.
All other divisions of the enterprise will remain fully operational.”
~ Valeri L. Reaves, Founder & Head Designer, the MyMeApparel enterprise.

Valeri L. Reaves, Founder & Head Designer, the MyMeApparel enterprise, stated that MyMeApparel, and its affiliates, products and services will continue to be available via the MyMeApparel Online Boutique, as well as the MyMeApparel PASS Branding Service Agency, customized services. 

 “The enterprise is growing so much that I feel the need to take organizational pause to reel things in a bit so that we can continue to provide the most to our affiliates and consumers”
~ Valeri L. Reaves, Founder & Head Designer, the MyMeApparel enterprise.

MyMeApparel representatives will make appearances at local events and learning institutions, provide limited pop-up boutique offerings and select fashion displays.

As the Assistant Director of Derby City Fashion Week, Valeri Reaves will perform full duties, including model casting, designer coordinator and community tour, as well as showcase the MyMeApparel apparel and accessories on April 24-27, 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky.

The MyMeApparel Networking Group is growing bigger and better, with over 4,000 connects internationally.  Modifications taking place during the push back will greatly increase offerings to connects, while bringing on new connects.  Not yet connected?  Get connected today!

The MyMeApparel enterprise is currently seeking to collaborate with local business owners, to hire independent contractors and to sign on MyMeApparel Spokesmodels that reside in each of the designated states in the MyMeApparel Fashion Tour region (Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia). 

If you have an interest in joining the MyMeApparel enterprise in project collaboration, as a business owner, volunteer, independent contractor, a Spokesmodel or in any other capacity, please submit your interest here.

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