06 August 2013

MyMeApparel needs your help to get to New York!


We don't need this much money,
but we do need $2,200
by August, 17, 2013 to
help MyMeApparel get to New York
to showcase its Gothik Collection. 

***Message from Valeri L. Reaves, Founder & Head Designer of the MyMeApparel enterprise***

Remember the MyMeApparel $5 campaign that I do, with no personal compensation, for individuals in need.  I may have personally asked you to give $5 to help someone.

Well, I have found that the general population waits around until they forget about it or assumes that others are donating and don't donate themselves, resulting in the needy not getting the funds that they need in order to address the issue.

Now, I find myself in the need. I have over 6,000 FB friends, MyMeApparel Networking Group members, affiliates and family. If one third of them gave one dollar, I would have the funds that I needs to complete my Gothik collection and showcase in NY during New York Fashion Week 2013.

The problem is getting YOU to decide if YOU will BE A MEMBER OF THE ONE THIRD who GIVE ONE DOLLAR or the remaining two thirds who assumes that others will.

Please go to www.mymeapparel.com give ONE DOLLAR and BE A MEMBER OF THE SOLUTION to my problem of raising the funds necessary to get me one step closer to achieving my dreams.

If you were asking me for the dollar, or a resource, or a referral, or a spotlight, or the 'Like' or an hour of my time then I would give it to you... I may already have...and I would do it again (regardless of if you give that dollar today or not).

Thank you for your support!
We're all in this thang together!
Choo, Choooo....!!!

the MyMeApparel Enterprise - www.mymeapparel.com 

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