27 May 2013

In the News : MyMeApparel is now open! June 2013 Reimage is rolling out!

MyMeApparel has been closed an unplugged since May 17, 2013 for a much needed "reset". 
We thank all of you who have honored this closure and those of you who have reached out in support of MyMeApparel and its founder, Valeri L Reaves! 

The June 2013 re-image is on track and will be rolled out within the next 30 days!  We are excited about the new brand, the MyMeApparel enterprise. 

Re-image Item #1 Operational Hours:

MyMeApparel will continue to operate between the hours of 11am and 7pm. 

Our call center will only accept incoming calls to 678-830-8676 between the hours of 3pm-7pm each business day. Emails may be sent in throughout the day.  Responses (for non-emergency submissions) will be provided between 8am-9am and/or 3pm-7pm each business day.

Business days are Monday through Friday.

MyMeApparel may have operations outside of standard business hours as it relates to events and fashion tour stops.
We look forward to continuing to provide you with quality service and products! 

Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding the MyMeApparel enterprise, including the reveal of the new MyMeApparel Online Boutique and the MyMeApparel Autumn/Winter 2013 Roses Collection product line of hand-made in the USA custom apparel, jewelry, scents, Flower Power, Cozies active knitwear; modified branding services and enhanced fashion tour stops!

the MyMeApparel Enterprise Ready-to-Wear Fashion House, Model Booking & Branding Services Twitter: @mymeapparel www.mymeapparel.com mymeapparel@yahoo.com

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