07 February 2012

Getting to Know MyMeApparel

MyMeApparel : A Multifaceted Enterprise 

Primarily, the company is MyMeApparel, a Ready-to-Wear Fashion House and Model Booking Service.  Products are custom/hand-made in the USA apparel for women, men and children.  Signature pieces are halter vests, 40s-60s inspired skirts & dresses, and men's drawstring dress pants. However, we custom design, as well as provide cut-n-trim services, products to enhance the individual. 

We provide sterling silver, stone and costume jewelry, as well as additional accessories (hats, scarves, handbags, footwear, etc.) that we procure from multiple wholesalers.

All products and services are available via the MyMeApparel Online Boutique at www.mymeapparel.com . Items are updated often and custom order requests may be submitted via email or by contacting 678-830-8676.
We have two sub-division of product providers, Cozies by LaVera and Cabin Blends Sauces & Gravies. 

Cozies by LaVera, which is a hand knit footwear for the active person.  This product is primarily sold to models and service staff, easy to fit into model bags/purses, usually exchanged for stilettos or hard tipped shoes during events! However, many have found enjoyment extending to home and other settings.  Cozies by LaVera are available in multiple colors, sizes, custom bundles at http://www.wix.com/coziesbylavera/home .

Cabin Blends Sauces & Gravies, is the caterer utilized for MyMeApparel events.  MyMeApparel generally serves amuse bouche and beverage at most functions.  However, going forward into 2012, during our conferences, we will be serving a full lunch plate/box during our industry mixers.  Cabin Blends Sauces & Gravies also has a product line of gourmet sauces and gravies available online at http://www.wix.com/cabinblends/home .

Our motto is "improving one's self image while increasing the quality of life for the child".  We have an annually designated child advocacy related charitable recipient organization that receives benefits/materials/promotions by MyMeApparel to assist them in their services provisions. In 2010-11, our charitable recipient designee was Nicholas House Homeless Shelter.  In partnership with Project Night Night ( a 501(c)3 out of California), MyMeApparel provided 100 comfort totes, complete with blankie, children's book and stuffed animal. As a result, Project Night Night will now provide ongoing, at Nicholas House’s request, the same items in Project Night Night canvas totes, in quantity requested, to Nicholas House, free of charge, for the life of each organization.  In 2011-12, our charitable recipient is ten GA state family childcare providers, to which we will provide each with a child development play center (such as circle time, reading center, indoor/outdoor play set, large/small manipulatives, etc.), supportive business promotional services and connection to wholesale resources.

Our logo is that of the word ME! , The letter M, the letter E, and an exclamation point, in bubble letters to form a circle. In alignment with our motto, the focus is on the individual accepting, and being happy, with whom he/she is.

In addition to our core products and services provisions, we have a networking component that has three outlets: the MyMeApparel Networking Group, the MyMeApparel Fashion News blog and the MyMeApparel Atlanta Fashion Examiner.

MyMeApparel Networking Groups:
Over 3,500 fashion & entertainment industry involved members internationally.
Six Sectors of Worldwide Fashion & Entertainment
APPED – Artists, Promoters, Producers, Event Planners and Directors
BABOC – Buyers and Boutique Owners
FDU – Fashion Designers United
MAPU – Media and Photographers United
PMAC – Professional Models and Actors Consolidated
WHAMU – Wardrobe Hair and Makeup United
Not a member yet? Email mymeapparel@yahoo.com to get connected!

MyMeApparel Fashion News Blog
Fashion and Entertainment News & Events
(Now Including MyMeApparel Networking Group Tips, Promos, and Sample Work)

MyMeApparel Atlanta Fashion Examiner
Fashion and Entertainment News & Events Articles
(Valeri Reaves, Atanta Fashion Examiner, columnist for Examiner.com)

Previously, MyMeApparel has been involved in and hosted multiple events and fashion showcases throughout each year.  In 2012, MyMeApparel will focus on fashion display via Fashion Weeks and Designer Competitions.  MyMeApparel has consolidated it’s bi-annual hosting of six events (two each): model call, cocktails and charity, and fashion show (which were held in april and September of each year) into two events: the FDU Roundtable and Conference & the PMAC Roundtable and Conference.

The Fashion Designers United (FDU) Roundtable and Conference is with focus on the fashion designer (not limited to just apparel designers).  The Professional Models and Actors (PMAC) Roundtable and Conference is with focus on the professional model/actor.  Both include designer/model competitions and the Edward Dillard Awards.
The FDU Roundtable & Conference also includes the “Adopt-a-Designer” component wherein businesses are asked to sponsor a designer’s $100 entry fee.
For more information regarding the conference, please see http://fashiondesignersunited.blogspot.com .

Sponsors and Vendors are always welcome!  fashiondesignersunited@yahoo.com !

We are also in partnership with our photographer, HGreaves Photography, www.hgreaves.com . HGreaves Photography is co-host to the FDU Roundtable and Conference. HGreaves Photography also provides photography services for the MyMeApparel Bi-Annual Marketing Campaign Photo Shoot.

 MyMeApparel has worked with many individuals in the fashion and entertainment industry.  We strive to increase exposure, collaborate talents, improve the industry and expand the positive impact of the industry (especially as it relates to child advocacy) in the community. We look forward to working with you!

There you have it!  … MyMeApparel … “Improving One’s self image, while increasing the quality of life for the child!”  … care to join us?

Valeri L. Reaves
Founder & Head Designer

MyMeApparel Enterprise: Ready-to-Wear Fashion House (Women, Men & Children) MyMeApparel Online Boutique(Apparel, Jewelry & Add-ons) MyMeApparel Networking Group (International) MyMeApparel Branding Services(Model & Business) MyMeApparel Fashion News (Fashion & Entertainment News) Twitter: @mymeapparel www.mymeapparel.com mymeapparel@yahoo.com

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