09 December 2011

Doris Morgado ... and the 'Slice 2' Movie Premiere

…and the 'Slice 2' Movie Premiere

 (photo: Anna Rich Photography)

When you go to the website of Doris Morgado,
you will be immediately welcomed with a question:

“What do you get when you mix Salma Hayek’s desirable and alluring look
and throw in Jennifer Lopez’s provocative and sensual curves?”

…this is interesting only because, as soon as my husband and I entered into the Uptown Comedy Club on December 5, 2012 for the Slice 2 Premier, I pointed out my interview assignment, one Mrs. Doris Morgado.  Immediately, he leaned over to me and said, “Do you know who she looks like? (then answering his own question), Jennifer Lopez… or Salma Hayek.”  I chuckled and shared with him that those ladies are described as her look-alikes on her website!

Entering The Premiere

Thankfully, in entering, we did not have to wait in the line, as it was wrapped around the building!

 (photo: MyMeApparel Candid Shot)

(SN: I had to make a 'note to self' to inquire as to who the white fur, combat boot wearing gentleman standing at the front of the line was,… answer: one, Matthew Calloway, who provides wardrobe styling services to his friends for fun, self-proclaimed fashion fanatic and former buyer for Ragabonds of Little Five Points.)

But back on topic ...

Meeting Doris Morgado

Directly after entry, I was introduced to Mrs. Morgado by her publicist, Iana Skye, of I. Skye Entertainment (http://www.iskyeentertainment.weebly.com).  We got in a couple of shots of Mrs. Morgado and publicist, Iana Skye, before she was re-engaged with the line of premiere attendees who were eagerly waiting to take a red carpet photo with her at the step and repeat. (Later in interview, Mrs. Morgado, confessed that the response was overwhelming and that she was just so happy to be living her dream.)

  (photos: MyMeApparel)

The Interview

We took a moment to sit down and chat prior to the screening of her most recent piece of work, The Slice 2, along with Pierre Edwards, comedian/actor/producer/director, and an array of celebrities including, but not limiting to, Comedian Rodney Perry, and Model Miyoki Jones.
Staring: Pierre Edwards, Doris Morgado and GregAlan Williams.

(photo: Leon Millette Photography)

Doris was so down to earth, with her beautiful smile.  She was bubbling with hearty laughter, we shared our high school track war stories – reveling over the fact that we both knew what it meant to “catch a bear” while running the 400 yard dash. (For those of you who don’t know, it’s the stitch of pain that you get that takes your breath away and makes you feel like you are running backwards!!!)

While speaking on being active, (and having completed research that lead me to the fact that she is trained in “stunt combat”), I had to ask her what “stunt combat training” entailed and if she enjoyed doing her own stunts.  Nail on the head, she confessed that she loves doing stunts.  Who would-a-thunk-it?  That Lil’ Miss 5’3” beauty, would love karate chopping folks and jumping out of buildings!  Low and behold, we discovered that we shared another sport…repelling!!! 

“ I love doing my own stunts!”

(SN: I share our likenesses not to truly compare myself to her, but to illustrate, just how down to earth (and as her website describes her as “personality of the girl next door”) and so relatable – if that’s a word! - that she really is!)

Another interesting skill noted on her resume is that she can “cry on queue”.  I inquired as to how she came to know that she could do that.  She chuckled and said “having two brothers!”  But seriously, she went on to say that she had a great trainer in Michael Cole, who worked with her on deep sad monologue.  He taught her that “your heart needs to feel and believe that, whatever you are doing in that scene, that it is real.”

She state that it’s hard to believe that what she has wanted since she was a little girl, acting, is what she is doing now.  Having the support of her father and husband has definitely allowed for her to be in the place where she is now. That is … definitely going places, as she prepares for her role in “Snitch, The Movie” in January, working with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Susan Sarandon.  It is simply a dream come to reality! 

Not withstanding, when I asked about her ultimate assignment, she confided that her true desire is to star alongside (a woman with big goals: not just to be in a film with, but to be co-star with) Denzel Washington and/or Johnny Depp!  

“I see myself in a lead movie with Denzel as love interest
…in a featured movie revolving around my character.”

Spoken, not in arrogance, but in assurance.
Stating that she ‘hate[s] when people try to cookie cut us [actors]…we are so diverse.”
She definitely knows where she is going and how she wants to get there.
I must say that I would not be surprised
to see her alongside Denzel Washington one day soon!
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The Premiere

As I watched the premiere of “Slice 2”, I would be remiss if I said that it went off without a hitch.  As we all know in event planning, “stuff” happens.  This premier was no exception.  Just as we settled into the storyline and took pause from the laughter created by the comedic undertones, the screen froze!  But with the epitome of professionalism, Kenny Stroud (comedian and right hand to director Pierre Edwards) and Rodney Perry, along with fellow cast/comedians, hopped in to fill the silence. 

(photo: MyMeApparel)

When I tell you that the stand up was worthy of any Kings of Comedy shows, … I kid you not, it was gut busting, tears rolling down the face laughter throughout the place.  Having already experienced the joy of Rodney Perry’s stand up, I must say that being introduced to Shuler King’s laid back tell it like it is, “eeewww did he just say that” style was just icing on the cake. (www.shulerking.com)  I, personally, was happy about the freeze up, as it gave me the opportunity to have a bonus in those stand up performances, including, true-to-character, swimsuit adorned Sunshine’s brief stage presence.

(photo: MyMeApparel)
( …on the outskirts of the swarm of paparazzi)

Technical difficulties aside, the movie resumed. Kudos to the sound/video crew for their swift recovery… and cheers to the crew of Slice 2!  Be sure to check out the movie, Slice 2, when it comes out in theaters.

(photo: MyMeApparel)
(…again, on the outskirts of the swarm of paparazzi)

On the whole … Great night … in Great company … With Great, Gut Busting Laughter worthy of a few more years of life – if what they say is true that laughter makes the heart beat stronger.

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