17 November 2011

Connecting with our Connects: Happy Anniversary, Crystyles Boutique of Atlanta, GA

As promised, MyMeApparel is taking the time out in December to "Connect with our Connects", helping to support our fellow fashion and entertainment industry events...course, as most things with MyMeApparel, we had to jump right in a little early.  With it still being November, we couldn't help ourselves,..

We had to go make a quick stop over to support Crystal Griffin, of Crystyles Boutique, to help celebrate the boutique's one year anniversary!!!

Crystyles Boutique
"Your Style Concierge"
2115 Piedmont Road NE
Suite 3106
Atlanta, GA 30324

Crystal...what a great event you put on for us last night to celebrate your one year anniversary! ... the spread was delicious, the boutique items were exquisite and luxurious, many unique pieces like the suspenders with leather back bracing, and I love, love, love that bulky, gold braided necklace in your cabinet!!!)... My husband and I (Ralph and Valeri Reaves, founder and head designer of MyMeApparel) were in great company of some of your other guests: Reco Chapple of House of Chapple, Christopher and Tavaris of Snytch Mag, Byron Arnold of Byron Arnold Photography.

It was standing room only, as we rocked and swayed to the live artists crooning to a variety of the latest tunes and takin' us back in the day... specifically, artist Nick Hagelin had me doing a double-take with the high notes and jazz flav that was comin' out of him as he sang and played his guitar!

Nick Hagelin
(photographer unknown, taken at previous Crystyles Boutique event, 
pulled from Crystyles Boutique Facebook page)

...and if that wasn't enough, Rashanda Seymour, of the Perfect Bartender, had us all feeling good with your Remi Martin open bar! ... special thanks to the valet service that did not have us waiting to depart long and returned our vehicle intact! Thanks for the invite and your magnificent hospitality!

RECOMMENDATION: YES! YES!! YES!!! (Go get styled by Crystal today!)

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