21 September 2011

ARE YAL READY FO' THIS? ... TOMORROW...MyMeApparel Fashion Tour Stop #4 -GA

 Thank You!!! ...  from Founder & Head Designer, Valeri L. Reaves:
(repost from Facebook post on 09/21/2011 at approx.7am.)
"Up and at it early this morning...already two hours into the work day...tying up loose ends and looking over the MyMeApparel collections that will be walking the runway tomorrow night and I am ECSTATIC! God is great and greatly to be praised! Oh, what a MIGHTY God we serve...and to think He pulled all of this out of lil' ol' me! I am but a vessel...use me, Lord! ... Come see, as we unveil the MyMeApparel collections AND the 2011-2012 MyMeApparel Charitable Recipients and the 2011-2012 MyMeApparel Expressions of ME! Apprentice! TOMORROW, Sept 22, 2011. So exciting!!!

Thank you to all (those who are still with me, those who found their journey to lead a different way and those whom I will soon encounter) ... thank you to all who had a hand in orchestrating His masterpiece ...the MyMeApparel enterprise..."Improving One's self image, while increasing the quality of life for the child!" ... One year in, and a lifetime to go...bound to be ExtraOrdinary and Forward Moving!"

 ~MyMeApparel Head Fashion Designer & Founder, Valeri L. Reaves, write me @ mymeapparel@yahoo.com!