04 December 2010

Red Ribbon Affair Success!!!

Thank you all for your participation in the Red Ribbon Affair MyMeApparel Showcase Design.  It was a fantabulous evening and it would not have been possible had it not been for each and every one of you! I sincerely appreciate you!

Special apologies to Ramone Cooper and Nedra Phillips for falling short on your designs.  I will do my best to not have that occur again.  You both are now at the top of my priority list.

The CSYW Red Ribbon FB page will be deleted in a few days - allotting time for all members to receive my thank you message. 

Several of you are already Faces of ME! models, which means that you are already an elite member of Faces of ME! closed group. Some of those of you who are not yet Faces of ME! models have been temporarily added to the Faces of ME! group. 

For those of you who have been added temporarily, please complete the necessary paperwork to complete your process.  If you require the paperwork (for completion or be added to, please send your email address via FB inbox or email mymeapparel@yahoo.com with "request for Faces paperwork" in the subject line). 

Deadline to complete MyMeApparel Faces of ME! application process is Dacember 31, 2010.  Paperwork must be in the MyMeApparel Studio on December 31, 2010 - no exceptions.  Those individuals who have been temporarily added, but have not completed the application process by December 31, 2010, will be removed from the group on January 1, 2011.  Applications submitted on or after January 1, 2011 must be accompanied by a one-time administrative fee of $50.00, non-refundable. 

SO now is the time ladies and gents to be sure that paperwork is received by you, completed and submitted to MyMeApparel.  Doubts about the program?  Ask those who are already MyMeApparel Faces of ME! models.  It is a non-exclusive contract...you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!!!  Get in the Know now...I promise you, you don't want to miss this train!  Choo...Choo!

Valeri L. Reaves

~MyMeApparel Head Fashion Designer & Founder, Valeri L. Reaves, write me @ mymeapparel@yahoo.com!