10 November 2010

MyMeApparel Special: For limited time: Expires January 1, 2011

MyMeApparel is Brand Building! 


No Administrative Fee, Absolutely NO Hidden Costs!
Join MyMeApparel Faces of ME! Database - FREE!
($50 Value, expires January 1, 2011):

Submit requests to MyMeApparel @ mymeapparel@yahoo.com or FB Inbox Valeri Reaves (Mymeapparel) http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000539295239.  Include head shot, body shot, talent affiliation, and experience.  Professional photos are not required.  However, please do not send bathroom or bedroom pictures.

What is a MyMeApparel Faces of ME!

MyMeApparel is not a model agency, rather a model booker.  MyMeApparel provides the referrals and models/actors/dancers/artists (musicians, singers and spoken word) work the referrals, turning them into go-sees/gigs (some paid, others non-paid, all professionally beneficial!)

* First access to MyMeApparel Industry Connects (promoters/producers/magazines/designers, etc.)
* First access to MyMeApparel Referrals (updates on upcoming events & relevant news/tips, etc.)
* First picks for MyMeApparel Modeling/Dancing/Acting/Artist Opportunities (no model call required)
* First consideration for MyMeApparel Model of the Month Selections (promotion of YOU! for 1 month)
* Referral to Non-MyMeApparel Opportunities (some model calls required)
* 2011: Opportunity to travel, to photoshoot, to get exposure via monthly events, printed promotions & electronic transmissions (including FB, online blog, online magazine, and more)

The time is NOW to ... Get In where you can Fit In!...
submit to mymeapparel@yahoo.com or FB Inbox Valeri Reaves (Mymeapparel)

MyMeApparel is planning a nationwide fashion tour for 2011
will you be with us? ... I hope so!
~ Valeri L. Reaves, Founder, myMeApparel

~MyMeApparel Head Fashion Designer & Founder, Valeri L. Reaves, write me @ mymeapparel@yahoo.com!