13 October 2010

"The Ring Lady", created by Valeri L. Reaves of MyMeApparel

There is a green dress w/gold rings, worn by Leah Kools, that has been circulating on FB for the last three weeks. It is a MyMeApparel Original called "The Ring Lady", created by Valeri L. Reaves. It recently came to my attention that it was posted that a different designer created it...just stopping in to provide clarification.

It is an exclusive MyMeApparel design provided for Leah Kools, in honor of her being the MyMeApparel September 2010 Model of the Month. Anyone wishing to purchase a similar dress may contact Valeri Reaves via FB inbox or at mymeapparel@yahoo.com .
Thank you to all who expressed their appreciation for the dress and thank you, Leah, for wearing it so well!

~MyMeApparel Head Fashion Designer & Founder, Valeri L. Reaves, write me @ mymeapparel@yahoo.com!

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